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Laser Cataract Surgery is approved by FDA and widely performed across the globe to correct eyesight that is bothered by clouds. Phacoemulsification surgery is routinely used to treat the cataract and restore good vision. Indian and imported foldable lens is put routinely.


Diabetic retinopathy is a result of uncontrolled long-standing diabetes. It is a vision-threatening disorder. It is treated at our hospital by investigations like FFA, OCT, microperimetry the treatment is done by laser photocoagulation and intra vitreal anti- VEGF injection, ozurdex implants vitreoretinal surgery is carried out for advanced diabetic retinopathy cases. Patient enjoys long-term good vision after the treatment.


Is called the silent killer of vision where there is a reduction in sight due to high intra ocular pressure of one or both eye. Yag laser iridotomy, medical treatment and surgical trabeculectomy is routinely done to treat these patients in our hospital


This particular surgery is used to treat numerous eye condition of retina/ macula and vitreous. This is done in our modular OT with a laminar air flow most advanced haag streit microscope with the vide angle viewing system (EIBOS) with vitrectomy with high cut rate with endo laser, cryotherapy is available at GROVER HOSPITAL. Surgeries like a macular hole, complicated retinal detachments, vitreous Hge are done routinely done here.


General eye checkup for children including Refraction, Retinoscopy, spectacle correction, amblyopia therapy.Fundus examination with indirect ophthalmoscopy for high myope.ROP screening and treatment for premature babies specially done in our hospital.


In this eye care section, eye injuries (traumatic injuries) are treated with the help of both operative and nonoperative approaches. After the surgery, a patient requires critical observation, care and management from the Ophthalmologist and a good care team


Grover hospital provides a vide range of ancillary eye services in a modern and hygienic environment. Surgical and nonsurgical ancillary eye services are provided to patients at their best to help them achieve a perfect vision

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